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Koronczi Endre
Paratusspiritus manuatum (Soulincubator)
Songs from the Ploubuter Park
12. December 2017. - 29. January 2018.
Opening: 11. December 2017 at 18:00
Curator: Gellér Judit
The winds are mysterious beings. We cannot see them, cannot touch them, and we can only hear what their movement causes. They bring cold from the north, heat from the south, storms from the west and rains from the east, but sometimes they barely move, leaving sultriness to prevail. So how could we understand, or get to know them?

The artist Endre Koronczi has been working on these strange currents of air we call winds for several years now. As a kind of modern Aeolus, he strives to tame them, guard them, and ultimately let them free by shepherding them between fine layers of membranes. The small sacks come into life, they puff up and slacken as the order of nature dictates. They take up shapes, structures, thus creating species that can be categorized, classified and put into different orders.

The constantly expanding Ploubuter Park is an experimental field, which provides us the opportunity for observation. At first, Koronczi only documented the discovered species only in the site of their original occurrence [Discovered Species], but then he slowly began to experiment with different methods of artificial preparation [Phenomena, Surcles, OpenAir].

The author steps out of the studio and starts setting up its open air installations on carefully chosen areas, varied venues, in nature, where he can only make short observations for a few hours or days. However, due to the specificity of the sites and the evanescence of the soul hatcheries, they can only be experienced first hand by a few – similarly to natural phenomena –, so most people can only see them through the media of photography and videos.

The Paratusspiritus manuatum (Soulincubator) is an artificially created order, the individual species of which may be identified by their geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude), and their number (Fig. 34–89). The multitude of the different variations raises the issue of the method of repetition, while they also discard the very possibility of repetition itself. As the inanimate carriers known by all fill up with life by each breeze, so are the new species born and animated one by one. Spirit-metaphors. Each of them is exceptional. Each of them is unreproducible.

Judit Gellér
exindex 2000-2008
C3 Center for Culture and Communication