08. January 2022. – 27. January
MegnyitóOpening: January 7, 2022, 7:00 pm
KurátorCurator: Szabó Kristóf
Among the Neumann principles created by John Neumann in 1946 is the binary number system as the number system of calculations.

YES and NO is the most basic way of communication, this is the principle of every device in our environment. This is the axiom of the digital world, and when examined by the means of art, it suggests a kind of breakdown. Through the exhibition, we attempt an ultimate simplification that takes the form of installations or images. This kind of communication manifests itself as a space and place-specific exhibition that appeals to the formal and theoretical possibilities of reduction, both in the use of tools and in thought.

When the first automated (mechanical and electronic) supercomputers were designed at the dawn of informatics, the question of the economics of construction immediately arose. Consider, for example, that an early structure operating in a decimal number system would have to handle an appropriate local value out of its ten powers for each digit form. Even more uneconomical is the consequence that you would have to implement the interpretation of ten different mechanical or electronic signal types for each formal value at each local value.

Moreover, the set of rules for the operations between them (addition, multiplication, etc.) multiplies the structural elements of the implementation of the units performing the operations. This initially made it very difficult to build the tools.

Exhibiting artists: Barics Sándor, Gyenes Zsolt, KristofLab, Peták Dénes, Pongrácz Márton, Szigeti G Csongor