Configuration of the sky

07. June 2024. – 27. July
MegnyitóOpening: June 6, 2024, 7:00 pm
MegnyitjaRemarks by: Hajdu István

The configuration of the landscape was the subject of András Bernát’s major exhibition in Paks in 2017, and now, from a distance, he presents the configuration of the sky.

As before, he does not seek to make associations through these works, he does not try to give any story a chance, but neither does he hinder interpretation. His paintings, with their soft structure and traces of compositional principles that often refer to classical landscapes (perhaps with a touch of self-irony), may well overlook traditional visual abstractions, but the full outpouring of the painterly self perfectly dissolves natural forms – or what appear to be natural forms – and the boundary between the perceptible and the imperceptible is given an unmistakably sensual formulation.

István Hajdu