Biotic Mechanism

28. March 2024. – 17. May
MegnyitóOpening: March 27, 2024, 6:00 pm
KurátorCurator: (Magyar) Fülöp Tímea

Veronika Csonka incorporates drawing into recycled plastic, while her microorganism-inspired objects magnify the details of plant motifs. Created with a 3D pen ergonomically tailored to human hands, the installative situations of her objects raise a number of complementary issues: man and technology, science and art, biology and mechanics.

Her series of objects and images, entitled Biotic Mechanism, are held together by the tension between the organic-nonorganic and the painter-graphic opposites. She presents frozen moments of the petri dish under the microscope, sometimes as objects, sometimes as paintings, as if the flickering amoebas were frozen under the curious gaze, while also freely transcribing the forms, rounding them off with pastel softness.

Csonka’s work explores the ecosystem of which we are all a part of, aware that being an active participant comes with responsibility.