26. October 2001. – 25. November
MegnyitóOpening: October 25, 2001, 6:00 pm
KurátorCurator: Nina Czeglédy


The Digitized Bodies – Virtual Spectacles project investigates the ways in which the rapidly developing technologies affectour perception of our bodies, our lives, our imagination, our very future.

How is contemporary technoscience refiguring the dichotomies ofnature/artifice, real/virtual, body/embodiment? How can we decipher the ambiguities surrounding the documented data body? How can we obtain precise information about ourselves, how can we preserve our individual integrity without becoming mere electronic spectacles? And, perhaps most significantly, how can we use the term” intimate” (perception), in an age when, to quote Barbara Stafford, “the computer-mediated milieu renders the body nakedly public”?

The Digitized Bodies – Virtual Spectacles project posits these questions, explores the unfolding growth of technologies and examines how the digitization of our culture has been perceived and reflected upon by artists, theorists, and scientists.

The investigation of certain unresolved issues regarding the body politic-objectification of the individual, bodily ethics and the sometimes contradictory discourses surrounding certain experimental technologies-seem essential to reinterpreting the place of the individual as a corporeal entity in society. In the social and cultural analysis of the digitized body, artists offer intuitive yet comprehensive interpretations of the relevant debates. From films, to videos, to installations and appropriated medical images, the moral and ethical aspects of recent advances in biomedicine, have been repeatedly challenged and provocatively interpreted by contemporary artists.Examination of mediated realities, scientific representations and the manipulation of relative truth, characterizes the work of several artists participating in this project.

The Digitized Bodies – Virtual Spectacles project embraces shifting notions surrounding body perceptions, material realitiesand current forms of visualization. The works in this show challenge established paradigms and point to debates in contemporary art, medicine, communication, ethics and technology which are questioning the role of the body, both past and future. The debates continue, but the questions remain: What will an approach closely connected to digital technology offer for the future of individuality? And, how will we accomodate our new radicalized vision of the human body?

Digitized Bodies exhibition Atau Tanaka, Nell Tenhaaf, Jon Baturin, Eric Fong, Jack Butler, Nina Czegledy, Hilda Kozari/ Tibor Vamos, Orshi Drozdik, Gabor Kerekes, Zsolt Peter Barta, Jozsef Hajdu, Antal Lakner, Tibor Gyenis, Luca Gobolyos, Rajko Bizjak, Eclipse, Tanja Ostojic, Sara Diamond.

BIO_MEDIA_FORUM Vera Baksa Soos, Nina Czegledy, Kim Sawchuk , Sara Diamond, John Tonkin, Erika Pasztor, Nell Tenhaaf, Eric Fong, Balazs Beothy, Jill Scottt, Gusztav Hamos, Marina Grzinic, Oliver Ressler,

Corporeal – performance by Atau Tanaka

Wired Body/Mediated Body –  international video selection (Peter Campus, Joan Jonas, Judith Doyle, Barbara Konopka, Sue Rynard, Jennifer McCoy-Bozik, Bjorn Melhus, Piotr Wyrzykowski, Francesca da Rimini & Josephine Starrs, Natalia Borisova, Chantelle Tucker, Diane Nerwen, Justine Cooper)

Code Zebra Halloween Masquerade Ball – Performance Sara Diamond

Digitized Bodies book and CD launch