Unity in diversity

05. May 2023. – 16. June
MegnyitóOpening: May 4, 2023, 6:00 pm
MegnyitjaRemarks by: Fehér Dávid

The exhibition of Károly Klimó (1936) at acb Plus provides an insight into the artist’s work over several decades, including both his early assemblages created in the 1970s and his recent panel paintings.

On the occasion of Károly Klimó’s debut exhibition at the acb, acb ResearchLab will also publish a book on his oeuvre, in collaboration with the artist. Since the 1970s, the artist has been experimenting with informel painting and assemblages of found objects.

He also occupies a special place in the history of Hungarian painting as a colourist, his extraordinarily deep-toned reds, burgundies, blacks, deeps and yellows, applied in a variety of layers and on a variety of media, make this exhibition memorable.

The ‘tortured’ surfaces of Klimó’s works also reveal their relationship to existentialist philosophy and a deeply lived 20th century history.