Reaching the Skyline

21. June 2022. – 30. June
MegnyitóOpening: June 30, 2022, 6:00 pm

Havana-based artist Eileen F. Almarales Noy is to spend six weeks in Budapest in June and July 2022 as resident of the artist exchange program between Budapest’s and ArtistaXArtista in Havana. Noy often makes Cuba the starting point in her installation- and performance-based work, as she investigates the country’s controversial economic and political circumstances in a global context.

Her generation knows that whatever the slogans say, the country’s political system, which is upheld with violence, is unjust and prevents people from accessing such real information and knowledge that would enable them to stand up for change. The artist is aware of the effects of a globally functioning world and the fact that the way to saving the Earth for the future leads through joining forces and solidarity, and not the erection of new borders.

Reaching the Skyline, her exhibition in Budapest, will be created in the course of a ten-day process. Ten painting actions will be held: each day, the artist will spread the soil she has brought from Cuba to form a small island at some location in the city, and use it blended with water as the material to paint an aquarelle, a cityscape. After the painting action she will collect the soil and the next day she will paint a skyline at another spot in the city, continuing until the soil runs out or mixes completely with the dust of the streets.