To the memory of Ilona Lovas

29. April 2022. – 27. May
MegnyitóOpening: April 28, 2022, 6:00 pm
MegnyitjaRemarks by: Kozma Zsolt

A number of important studies have been published over the years on the oeuvre of Lovas, who died in August 2021, but her legacy still awaits museum research and cataloguing.

The works in this in memorial exhibition have been selected from those stored in the gallery and, by courtesy of the family, from the legacy mentioned above. These ’quotes’ from various periods of Lovas’s life-work, are connected by the thematic motifs of physical and spiritual departure, journey and arrival, as well as by references to physical and spiritual nourishment and dangers along the journey. The videos, dried animal intestines mounted on glass sheets, the combinations of photo and organic material also exemplify a number of characteristics of Lovas’s use of media as well as her perception and concepts of living and lifeless materials.

Given the nature of a memorial exhibition, and also the limits defined by the spatial characteristics of a gallery, this show endeavours to demonstrate only a few points in the evolution of Lovas’s conceptual and medial practice, whose highly consistent and organic development is clearly visible throughout the oeuvre. At the same time, there is a recurring element in her life work that acquires a special overtone in a homage exhibition. This element is the search for and demonstration of intellectual and spiritual points shared with other artists – collaboration. It is for pointing out this kind of openness and dialogue that a work contributed by Mária Berhidi and one by Mariann Imre, both of whom Lovas collaborated with on several occasions, are showcased here.