Happening in Time

15. September 2023. – 20. October
MegnyitóOpening: September 14, 2023, 6:00 pm

Sári Ember presents a summative exhibition in the space of acb Gallery. The exhibition may well be interpreted as a personally motivated query into the future, in the scope of which the artist also looks back on the past seven years of her creative career by presenting a selection of archaic motifs of collective memory.

The artistic period reviewed in the exhibition coincides with the artist’s shift from the genre of photography towards a mediatic broadening of her artistic practice, in which variable constellations of stone sculptures and ceramic objects of distinct character have become Ember’s.

The portrait, which is roughly contemporary with the history of representation, is complemented in her stone and ceramic works by such familiar and fundamental symbols of culture as the eye, the reclining figure, the human couple, fire, water, wood and animals.

The comprehensive ensemble of ceramic objects presented in the exhibition Happening in Time, as well as the tent enclosed by the objects, evokes the atmosphere of home, articulated through the artist’s personal approach as a generational question.