28. March 2013. – 31. May
MegnyitóOpening: March 27, 2013, 6:00 pm
MegnyitjaRemarks by: Nolasco-Rózsás Lívia
Like poetry, the fine arts also often present a vision of the world around us as it is discerned by the artist. The point of departure for this exhibition, which presents the installations of Veronika Jakatics-Szabó and Éva Mayer, is the tension between the personal point of view and the outside world.

The self, the individual, the subjectivity is a micro-universe, a mapping of the infinite universe, in which not only our place but even the motion of our progression is extremely difficult to define in comparison with the parallel and complex system of various realities.

In Veronika Jakatics-Szabó’s series, entitled Universal Lottery, chance, luck and fate as a game appear in combination with the individual’s universal defencelessness and incertitude. The work was inspired by personal existential experiences of risk and incalculableness.

The works of Éva Mayer presented in the exhibition focus on the relationship between the individual and society and the essence of Central European identity. In addition to the use of traditional techniques, she pushes the borders of experimental graphic art in her compositions, creating photograms with the use of a technique that she herself developed experimentally, further enhancing them with additional photo and computer applications.