Stray Pages

08. January 2019. – 01. February
MegnyitóOpening: January 7, 2019, 7:00 pm
A long workflow preceded the artifacts exhibited at the show Stray Pages; I have used pages from injured or deficient books of mine. These pages are no longer part of a larger oneness because it has already loosened. No matter which part of a story, a description, a book or a publication they were originally.

From this point of view, they are incomprehensible, deprived of their con(text), they only exist in themselves. Their original function was irrevocably invalid. The pages are made up of letters, what is one of the most abstract signs I know. We associate it with a voice, form words from them which we attribute with meaning, then the words and notions became texts. I have continued to simplify this abstract signal system until I arrived to schematic page portraits.

Each sheet has its own rhythm and ratio system, which is shaped by its characteristic features. The spaces, the line spacing, and the pagination result the unique character of a page. During the reduction process, I progressed continuously word-by-word, and I kept a single word from the original text on each page. My choices were driven by moods, impressions, and subjective aspects.

Visitors of the show are free to choose one word or more, but they can make a poem, a haiku, or a whole story from the pages. The mosaic-like pages in the space can be interpreted one by one or as a coherent composition, but can also be seen as unusual, unique puzzle games. The number of variations, even if not infinite, it is numerous.

Mátyás Boros