L.U.C.A. – Last Universal Common Ancestor

02. November 2023. – 19. November
MegnyitóOpening: November 1, 2023, 6:00 pm
MegnyitjaRemarks by: Karvázy György

Several events in my life have shown me that for me there is nothing more important than human relationships. Now, when my biological family is practically my daughter and I, the real question remains “how to move on”. Can we, should we, live without a family? If not, can it help if we create a populous, ideal, even AI-generated kinship around us? Is there a difference between the memories we want for ourselves and the memories we have?

How do already canonized or newly emerging strategies for experiencing our memories and our past work. How and how do we remember? Can the gap be filled? If we articulate, visualize, can a wished-for person become part of our own reality? Can we move from the virtual to our inner spheres? Can our story become authentic if we try to justify it with photographic images?

In my latest work, I explore man’s creative will, his irresponsible shaping of the world, his belief in the photographic image and its relationship to reality, seeking answers to the increasingly tantalizing question of what the framework of our existence will be in this new reality we create.

Luca Gőbölyös