Metanoia // μετἀνοια

15. December 2022. – 06. January 2023.
MegnyitóOpening: December 14, 2022, 7:00 pm

METANOIA means a change in meaning, attitude and the change of the entire inner nature. It also refers to a shift in the whole intellectual, emotional and moral direction, as well as the change in one’s actions, but especially a spiritual conversion. As a real linguistic and theological tragedy, it expresses a shift in thinking that results in a fundamental shift in behaviour and lifestyle. It expresses the change of direction following one’s insight that is based on the understanding of the truth. Simultaneously, a new way of love appears with the transformation of our image of the world and ourselves. Furthermore, it refers not only to a change in intention and purpose, but also to the manner of it.

Metanoia thus presents us a new vision of the future, as it guides us to a (“meta-”) area beyond our habits where our perception becomes different. Understanding its meaning is grasping the deeper meaning of learning and development. Rising above the limitations, the exhibited artists created a new form of self-expression, an artistic language born from their inner need, be it the metaphysical transformation of space, the effortless abstraction of various found objects and ideas materialised in organic and geometric sculptures designed with artistic expertise; or retaining or completely avoiding of forms and compositional principles in order for the canvas to receive the artist’s experiences, feelings and passion for the physical and expressive properties of paint unfiltered through spontaneous gestures. All this goes beyond the world of forms.

Artists: Nagy Zsófia Magdolna, Tollas Erik, Plank Antal Mirones, Sipos Alíz Menta, Hardi Ágnes