15. September 2023. – 20. October
MegnyitóOpening: September 14, 2023, 6:00 pm

Péter Szarka presents his latest paintings in a solo exhibition in the space of acb Plus. One of the most striking formal peculiarities of Szarka’s brand new painting program is that he creates his pieces by stitching together canvases of different sizes and thicknesses.

The playful title of the exhibition also reflects the composition of the images, which are mostly made up of four elements, but the word quad refers not only to the four-wheeler, an off-road vehicle, but also to the quadrangular courtyard or the prison.

Szarka’s new paintings are characterized as much by powerful, instinctive painterly expressiveness as by a conceptuality that reinforces the variability and modularity of the works and maximizes the role of chance in their creation.

The artist’s new paintings are in some respects more expressive, more abstract, less referential and freer, as Szarka is constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials.