03. March 2023. – 30. April
MegnyitóOpening: March 2, 2023, 5:00 pm
MegnyitjaRemarks by: Szegő György
KurátorCurator: Kondor-Szilágyi Mária

The exhibition of György Szemadám, who turned 75 this year, in the ground floor of the Pesti Vigadó is a kind of reckoning, a summary of his life. But it is not a retrospective exhibition, since the works were created within the last five years, yet it is a visual representation of the spirit and the ideas that preoccupied the artist throughout his life.

Recurring themes include birds, Africa, the world of Tarot, grandparents’ lives in peace and hardship during the Great War. He also reflects on the images of friends and found images. The exhibition is divided into thirteen themes, including paintings, giclée prints, box works, objects and sculptures.

Mária Kondor-Szilágyi

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