01. March 2023. – 31. March
MegnyitóOpening: February 28, 2023, 6:00 pm

Sketching, drawing and doodling are essential elements of Ottó Szabó’s works. All of his artworks are preceded by numerous sketches made in sketchbooks.

In his solo exhibition Replanning, the artist gives an insight into this exciting and usually invisible design process. One hundred drawings, made over a hundred days, like a daily ritual, can be interpreted as a kind of visual diary or as a record of a particular time period.

His drawings are characterized by playfulness, combining old household items, various pieces of electronic waste and other recycled elements to create puppet-like figures and machines, depicting them in his own, often humorous style.

Szabó’s creative practice is rich in references, drawing on the style of cartoons and comics, the visual world of science fiction, and the unique tradition of Hungarian kinetic sculpture represented by István Harasztÿ, Viktor Lois.

The title of the exhibition is Replanning, which is inspired by the experience of becoming a father in the artist’s life. Now there is a need to re-plan everyday life, to adapt to a new routine, to find a balance between work and leisure, to find free moments to create art alongside the joys of fatherhood.

The Daily Sketch series presented in the exhibition is the result of these short but precious free moments.