26. October 2019. – 29. October
MegnyitóOpening: October 25, 2019, 7:00 pm

If you think something like the Sisi Statue on Madách Square can be overly criticized, you are wrong. Try to overlook the visual harassment that this statue cause to you and even try to accept its look as it is. There are still many issues that this case raises beyond the poor aesthetic value of the statue. For some reason these issues did not get much attention. How could we ignore questions, such as do we want a third statue of Elisabeth of Bavaria in Budapest? What is this statue-mania in general? Who pays for them? Who decides who should be remembered and immortal? Is there public art in Hungary beyond memorials and statues? Can we create public spaces by jointing our forces?

Sisiopoly is a boardgame in which we get the power alongside with 10 000 000 Hungarian Forints to create a new Sisi Statue. We all win if the outcome favours at least one local community. But it won’t be that easy as there are people on the way who want to steal our money. We must be very careful, for example to take care to not to get into corruption, don’t do any business with the mafia, don’t let the opposition to damage our reputation and always be a good friend to the mayor.

Sisiopoly aims to be a tool for encouraging discussion about the politics of places and objects that surround us in public. It helps the players to develop a critical approach towards urban planning and motivates them to generate their own opinion.
The boardgame was created with the help of volunteers.