“What Time is Now?”

drawings and objects

09. December 2022. – 10. February 2023.
MegnyitóOpening: December 8, 2022, 7:00 pm

Mikyta Svätopluk’s most characteristic creative attitude is to mediate between the distant poles of binary structures such as local/global, private/public, representational/abstract, past/present and many other dichotomies, thus creating a unique vision deeply rooted in the socio-cultural reality of Central and Eastern Europe. In his highly successful “Re-drawing” series, completed a few years ago, he explored the visual phenomenology of political power representation, the iconography of sometimes antagonistic ideological narratives of different historical periods, and juxtaposed it with the visual codes of revolutionary avant-garde art.

In recent years, Mikyta Svätopluk has been making drawings and prints, working with ceramics and other traditional techniques – for example, experimenting with workers from famous Bohemian glass-blowing factories – and collecting natural and found objects in mountain forests and urban environments, which she combines into complex ensembles. The organic materials he collects and accumulates during his regular hikes in the mountains are juxtaposed with the detritus of urban waste, weaving dense webs of associations around his sometimes poetic, sometimes bizarre or banal associations of materials. He appropriates forms from nature, creating radical contexts with sophisticated craft techniques to construct a vision of a more livable, sustainable way of being in a more harmonious relationship with nature.