Double focus

06. May 2017. – 28. May
MegnyitóOpening: May 5, 2017, 6:00 pm
MegnyitjaRemarks by: Fenyvesi Áron
At Ani Molnár Gallery Péter Somody exhibits his latest paintings and lightboxes. His current works raise two main questions; firstly, how can the relations between the foreground and the background be visually examined, and secondly, how can the classic inquiring of composition and perspective gain new meaning. Therefore, with an array of changing rhythm of the forms, colours, perspectives and surfaces the artworks create a multi-layered reading.

Somody fluently recalls the meeting points of the shaped and the shapeless, where one part of the image can hide, while the other one is clearly exposed, in spite of the fact that the appearing elements, colour-combinations and the same or very similar. By clashing the focal points he succeeds to reach the effect, which is able to reveal the density and the variability of his works, meanwhile it can be his very first step to communicate with the spectator.

In his most recent works he reaches back to his self-developed and playful language, which consists of simple, organic shapes, the subtlety chosen colours and conscious painterly overtones. The reappearing motifs such as the oval, the amorphous or contorted shapes are to provide continuity and the nature of sequence to the artworks. The often seen grid-systems and imprints of grids create the narratives of perspectives, which can be understood as a play of optics.

In the case of the current exhibition the moderate colour scheme, which is less typical of his earlier works, since the colours and hues are important components and narrative elements of the paintings, this time move towards a rather monochrome sphere, this way easily creating a mimicry which constructs the visual situation of the hidden and the emerging.