Hold the Line by the Hand

22. February 2024. – 22. March
MegnyitóOpening: February 21, 2024, 6:00 pm

The works of Eszter Poroszlai reveal an artistic programme of constant experimentation and scientific interest. Evolving from her early engagement with the traditional medium of painting, Poroszlai’s oeuvre has undergone a profound evolution, marked by a transition towards geometric abstraction and a deep-seated fascination with the scientific intricacies of the natural world.

In her minimalist compositions, Poroszlai adeptly explores motifs such as the torus, circle, and cone, unraveling their spatial complexities with meticulous precision. Drawing inspiration from metaphysics and mathematics, her abstract works transcend conventional boundaries, offering viewers a glimpse into the infinite possibilities of space and perspective. This conceptual framework shapes her creative repertoire, evident in precisely structured installations where stretched threads carve out new planes of spatial dimensionality. Expanding beyond traditional mediums, Poroszlai seamlessly integrates textiles and photographic processes into her artistic practice, offering profound meditations on the interplay between vision and perception, reality and illusion.