09. September 2023. – 29. September
MegnyitóOpening: September 8, 2023, 6:00 pm
KurátorCurator: Cséka György

The exhibition “Code” presents three of Tamás Dezső’s most recent works created in the last six months: a large-scale, three-part charcoal drawing, a photograph and a collaborative electroacoustic composition.

The works continue the artist’s explorations of the Anthropocene state of being, placing them in context, continuing or even radicalising the questions that were outlined in his earlier works and art installations in his exhibition ‘Hypothesis: a letter to all’.

Through the three different media of drawing, photography and music, Dezső adds deeply affected, personal notes to the events and catastrophes of a specific, geographically delimitable area, the Sierra Nevada mountains, which in a sense transcend human scale and interpretability, to the super forest fires, or as it seems to be becoming established in the literature, to the mega-fires and their aftermath.

The specificity of his perspective is, however, that his personal involvement is precisely in working against the marginalisation and overcoming of this personalism, or more precisely of anthropocentrism, and in revealing the whole incomprehensible dimension of the destruction of non-human beings, of trees and birds, which is never really – seriously, in detail, merely declaratively – brought into human focus, not thought through, not considered, not taken into account.

In a certain sense, the artist tries to give a voice, a form to the otherwise not silent dimension, to the beings whose voice, whose existence is perceived by man as (background) noise, as less essential, marginal, nothing compared to his own world.

Tamás Dezső’s code is an appendix, a conclusion, an appendix that is at once objective and objective, at once personal, passionate and sensual, opening up new paths in the artist’s work, experimenting with new media, concentrated and requiring great attention and slowing down.