Mediating Time and Charm

22. September 2023. – 25. November
MegnyitóOpening: September 21, 2023, 6:00 pm
KurátorCurator: Zsikla Mónika

The exhibition Mediating Time and Charm reflects on some of the works of art from the treasury of the Esterházy Castle in Frakno using the tools of contemporary art.

The Wunderkammer – usually referred to as the Kunst- und Wunderkammer – the cabinet of curiosities at Frakno Castle, on the foothills of the Rozália Mountains in Burgenland, is one of the oldest remaining curiosity cabinets, untouched for centuries.

The exhibition’s unconcealed intention is to create a dialogue between the historical artefacts selected by contemporary artists and their reflections on the exhibition in the exhibition spaces. This dialogue between historical and contemporary artworks, in addition to creating rare and interesting juxtapositions, fits well with Esterházy Art Echo’s ambition to emphasise the importance of intergenerational links by bridging past and present, traditional and contemporary approaches.

By supporting cultural projects, the Esterházy Hungary Foundation continues the cultural tradition of the historic Esterházy family, while keeping alive the transnational intellectual heritage and cultural influence of the famous family in East Austria and the Pannonian region. The exhibition is a collaboration between Q Contemporary, the Esterházy Privatstiftung and the Esterházy Hungary Foundation.