Baby Boom + X + Y

04. March 2023. – 24. March
MegnyitóOpening: March 3, 2023, 7:00 pm
MegnyitjaRemarks by: Fazakas Réka
KurátorCurator: Bartus Ferenc

Art blurs the stereotypical boundaries of age groups with a freshness that puts the iron teeth of time to shame. Are there generational isolations, separations, cliques in art? Is there a noticeable change in Hungarian figurative painting if we only look back at the last 40 years? What is the effect of age, society, and technology on art and creative processes? Six artists from three different generations present their works at the exhibition. The selection provides an opportunity to discover the differences and similarities between the age groups in terms of artistic concept, design, technique and priority characteristics.

The exhibiting artists all know each other, their professional and friendly relationship has existed for a decade or more. Although they mostly do not work in the same studio, they are sensitive observers of each other’s works. Their arts move towards the stars on their own legs and sometimes look back. The light shines in each other’s mirrors. The effects of mutual interest unconsciously and inevitably encourage a silent dialogue in the works of the creators. Visiting the exhibition lets you listen to this discourse.

Exhibiting artists: Bartus Ferenc, Bíró Botond, Dér Virág, Nagy Árpád Pika, Sebestyén Zoltán, Taskovics Éva