Untouchable Matters

29. June 2012. – 07. September
MegnyitóOpening: June 28, 2012, 6:00 pm
More than twenty years ago, at the moment of the change of the system among the Eastern-European post-soviet block countries, the nations were in a euphoric state of establishing new, free, democratic republics. Nowadays it seems that many countries of this region got into a maze, generated by the confusion around its socialist past, its national traditions, and their international positions. The root of the problems, among many is in the unrevealed and non-discussed past. In the political rhetoric labeling and accusing is widespread in the publicity, but many information about public matters are still kept hidden, and much of the information is abused by politics. This confusing situation has very negative effect on society, and takes part in the identity crisis of these nations.

The exhibition reflects upon the actual social and political situations in Eastern-Europe and highlights the case of Hungary, however tries to give a broader reading of the phenomena. The exhibiting six artists belong to different generations so their relations to the past and the present are basically different. Most of them live and work in Hungary, like Emese Benczúr, Szilárd Cseke, Veronika Jakatics-Szabó, although two come from different Eastern-European countries: Mihael Milunovic from Serbia and Sergiu Toma from Romania. Éva Mayer belongs to the Hungarian minority of Slovakia. Untouchable Matters is a topic related, coherent show of works including site-specific installation, mobile objects and conceptual paintings. Viewing the main problem from many points, they highlight various elements of the Eastern-European situation.