Imagination exercises

08. September 2023. – 30. September
MegnyitóOpening: September 7, 2023, 6:00 pm

The exhibition is a continuation and further reflection of the artist’s graphic installations and graphic series, which he started about five years ago. The exhibition, a selection of past and recent works, explores themes that deal with faith, privacy and the public sphere, inner personal values, the contradictory relationship between collective social norms and individual expectations, personal trauma and social taboos.

For many years, Éva Mayer’s work and personal experiences have focused on hope, acceptance and letting go, caring and the desire to care; she explores motherhood, the expectation of a child and the lack of a child, and the traumatic situations she has experienced as a result, using a unique graphic and painting technique she has developed.

Her special, experimental prints are created using a combination of glass and watercolour materials and various scanning, developing and 3D modelling techniques. She takes her personal experiences and traumas to a universal level, through visual means on the one hand, and through conversations with fellow women and women of fate, as well as through textual stories and baby prayers collected from childless and childless mothers through an anonymous questionnaire.

Her works, including their basic forms with honeycomb motifs, complex symbolism, and elements borrowed from the micro- and macro-world, raise questions of fertility, order and disorder, decay and purification, faith and hope, acceptance and letting go, putting things right and understanding, but also refer to growth and successful conception.

The exhibited works are essentially part of an imaginative practice where the artist uses inner healing images to visualize past memories and future desires, helping them to be realized.