Kinetic Image

animated films of Central European artists

26. June 2010. – 29. July
MegnyitóOpening: June 25, 2010, 7:00 pm
MegnyitjaRemarks by: Iványi-Bitter Brigitta
KurátorCurator: Nolasco-Rózsás Lívia
Kinetic Image presents the animated artwork of ten artists from five former socialist Central European countries who will showcase their animated film or video installation and connected artwork like photograms, sketches, drawings, and other materials. From each country one film will be shown from the socialist, and another from the post-socialist period.

The earlier films are made using analog technique, while most of the later ones are digital. Animation in fine art is an undefined field which has not yet become a genre of artistic expression on its own, but it is definitely an emerging form of both practice and theory. For Art Historians film is still isn’t regarded as part of the Fine Art meaning that it is not integrated into its taxonomy.

The exhibition can not hope to present a detailed historical overwiev of the phenomena of animation in Fine Art, nor to create a definitive list of animated films made by fine artists. Our aim is to give an insight into the diverse approaches of artists using this medium.