Gender Frontiers

01. June 2000. – 04. July
MegnyitóOpening: June 1, 2000, 6:00 pm

Sex Changers
We have a plethora of problems, all our lives.
Men have problems for this, and for that, and women likewise. If, being a man, one is intrigued by a longing to become a woman, or vice versa, imagine it for a moment, what a trouble it can mean.
Transgender means: "beyond sex". Does it really? I rather think it does not. Rather, beyond one sex, but not reaching the other, stuck like that, for good. That is the essence of their problem. Neither here, nor there.
What should people with (more or less) intact sex identity do with a problem like that, not a petty one? I haven’t pondered about it yet, as opposed to Mariette Pathy Allen, photographer of Hungarian ancestry, who gives a sort of answer: We should consider them as people who have an insoluble problem, to have a hard fight with, all along their lives. These people demand patience and tolerance well above the average. Since they are not perfect. Is any of us?

Károly Kincses