Before Kertész and Brassai

The Antecedents of Modernism in Hungarian Photography

19. April 2002. – 30. June
MegnyitóOpening: April 19, 2002, 5:00 pm

The exhibition and the catalogue covers the quarter of a century from the beginnings of the 1900s

The first pictures represents the rigid world of the studios ,against which the pictorialist art photography came into being, the last ones represent the photography relyingonly on the power of vision without manipulation. These pictures are interesting in themselves but we put a special emphasis when selected the material on presenting the whole period, the directions, tendencies of changes. In the first place to help those to wish to learn about the formation of modern photography, thethe beginning of the carreer of very well known Hungarian photographers as well as to highlight a really significant, but little known period of Hungarian photography.

The exhibition was arranged in the Musée de la Vie Romantique, in Paris, between July and October 2001