New directions in Hungarian art of the nineties (1989-2001)

27. October 2023. – 11. February 2024.
MegnyitóOpening: October 26, 2023, 5:00 pm
MegnyitjaRemarks by: Petrányi Zsolt

Our new exhibition explores the mindset of a generation of young artists who experienced freedom, economic and cultural openness as a liberating experience after the regime change in the 1990s. The revolutionary approach to electronic music, the DJ culture and the new visual world of parties were a decisive inspiration, which was also reflected in the visuality of the works and the questions they raised. Through visual culture, the world of flyers and album covers, and the electronic music that pointed the way forward, the TechnoCool exhibition invites not only the young people of the time to travel back in time a quarter of a century. Through the works of more than half a hundred artists, the exhibition traces the evolution of different media – painting, object, photography, print, video and, to a lesser extent, computer-based art – in the 1990s. The works of art, representing an exciting visual world that is still innovative today, are presented in a spectacular interior with several music, video and educational points.

The artists featured in the exhibition saw art as a new outlet for self-expression after the fall of communism. In addition to the traditional media of art, the new visual tools, image editing programs and computers offered a whole generation new forms of self-definition. Their work remains fresh, inspiring and liberating today.